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This tag was created by Eryn @ Love Your Shelf. I was tagged by Nehal @ Books and Words. She’s super sweet and really fun, so if you haven’t checked out her blog, you should visit and give her a follow! This sounds like such a fun (and easy) tag to do, so it was the perfect thing for me to do this week, when I didn’t have the energy or focus to devote to a long tag.

The Rules:

  1. Pick the last book you read.
  2. Put that book in Google Translate and translate it into 3 different languages, then back to English. (Please put which languages you used to translate them!)
  3. See how close (or how far) it is to the original book title.
  4. Lastly, put the original book title at the bottom and talk about your last read!

Translated Title (English-Hawaiian-Japanese-Romanian-English):

Royal Watch

Can you guess what the original title might be?

I guess Google Translate isn’t all that accurate, since the actual title was ….

Clockwork Prince.

Clockwork Prince (The Infernal Devices, #2)

I tag:

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  1. Ooh, this is FUN! Lol I was confused at first about what it was about but then I got it. Funny how Google Translate works (or in this case, really doesn’t LOL)! I guess I can see how “Royal Watch” can come from “Clockwork Prince” though 😂 Thanks for the tag, Leah!

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  2. Huh, yeah the translation actually makes sense. Clock = Watch. Both are instruments that tell time. Prince = Royal. A prince is a person that is royal, royalty. It’s a literal translation. They probably didn’t take the “work” part into account because it’s more of a “slang” type of word than one that would be in any of the languages that you used for the translation. I like that! That’s such an interesting tag. Thanks for tagging me in this! I’ll have to try this out one of these days. ❤

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    • It does make sense, and that’s what makes it so interesting! I tried it with some others and the funniest was The Poppy War – it came out like Poppy Eggs in Battle! I can’t wait to see what it comes out with for you!


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