Review Policy

Are you interested in having your book reviewed on Leah’s Books? Have a look and see if your book might be a good fit.

Review Policies:

  • I always provide my honest opinion of books that I’ve reviewed.
  • I always make it clearly noted if I am reviewing a book that is an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) or a book that has been provided to me for free in exchange for a review.
  • Not all books are a good fit for every reader. I reserve the right to stop reading (DNF) a book at any time if I am not enjoying it. If I have read a significant portion, I may provide a star rating, and outline why I did not finish reading.

Genres that I read:

  • Fantasy
    • This is my first choice of genres. I tend to read more YA fantasy, but also read some adult fantasy as well. Favorite authors include: Leigh Bardugo, Jennifer Estep, Ayana Gray, Tasha Suri, Sarah J. Maas, Holly Black, Fonda Lee, and Margaret Rogerson.
  • Historical Fiction
    • I enjoy well-written and researched historical fiction pertaining to a wide range of time periods and settings, although I steer clear of WWII era books. Some of my favorite authors include: Diana Gabaldon, Amor Towles, Jean M. Auel, Yaa Gyasi, and Madeline Miller.
  • Mystery
    • I’ve always enjoyed mysteries, especially those involving law enforcement or psychological elements. Authors I particularly enjoy are: Helen S. Fields, Karin Slaughter, and Stiegg Larsson.
  • Romance
    • I’m very selective about the romance I’ll read, so it must have a good plot and interesting characters in addition to the romantic aspect. My favorite authors are: Talia Hibbert, Gina L. Maxwell, Christina Lauren, and Hannah Murray.
  • Diverse books
    • I love learning about different cultures and identities, and have found that reading books from perspectives unlike my own often gives me a new understanding that I may not have been able to access otherwise.
  • Other Fiction
    • I do read books that don’t fall into other categories, and I consider that to be other fiction.
  • I am open to reading books from other genres. Sci-fi or dystopian literature falls into this group, as I will read these selectively from time to time, although not books set in space, and space operas are definitely not a good fit for me.
  • Regarding age range, I read YA, NA, or adult. I do not read Middle Grade or children’s books, except on very rare occasions.

Genres that are not a good fit for me:

  • Horror
    • I have never enjoyed horror books, shows, or movies. I find it difficult to enjoy the genre, and it prevents me from sleeping.
  • Christian Fiction
    • This isn’t the genre for me. I’m not Christian and have no desire to read these kinds of books.
  • Non-fiction
    • Part of what I love about books is the escape from reality. When I read, I read fiction.
  • Books about politics
    • I prefer to keep my blog free of politics, and do not find reading about politics (even in fiction) to be enjoyable.
  • True Crime
    • This one comes a bit too close to non-fiction for me. While I enjoy mysteries and thrillers from time to time, I don’t find reading about the suffering of real people to be entertaining.

Where I post reviews:

  • My blog
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If you are interesting in having me review your book, please send me an email including a synopsis of your book, and we can discuss if it is a good fit.