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Friday Favorites – Historical Fiction Books

I’ve always enjoyed reading historical fiction. It’s a way to make history more understandable and relatable on a personal level, in a manner that history books can’t, almost like speaking to someone who has lived through an experience. Here are some of my favorite historical fiction books: What […]

Friday Favorites – Asian Authors

While this week’s prompt was originally Asian-American authors, I’m putting my own spin on it, and expanding this into authors of Asian descent. Because I’ve found some truly incredible authors, and since not all of them are Asian-American, I feel like I’d be doing you (and them) an […]

Friday Favorites – Bookish Gifts

With the holidays approaching, everyone in my life already knows that buying me books is a safe bet. But a bookworm can’t live on books alone, right? Obviously, there’s other necessities that can be highly beneficial to the bookworm lifestyle.  Please note, this post includes affiliate marketing links, […]