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Friday Favorites – Books That Primarily Take Place Outdoors

Wow, we’re really getting into tough prompts early this year, huh? I don’t tend to read a lot of books that are primarily set outdoors, but after some intense thought, I managed to come up with at least a few. Here goes nothing! That’s all I can come […]

State Of The ARC #16

I finished May with 25 ARCs left to be read.  June was an amazing reading month for me, and I really focused on reading ARCs, since I was becoming a bit overwhelmed by how many I had. My ratio went from 88% to 91%, and I was able […]

State Of The ARC #10

I finished November with 9 ARCs left to be read.  In December, I got approved for 6 new ARCs, and I was thrilled about it (as usual). I didn’t get to spend as much time focusing on ARCs as I wanted to, since I was focused on the […]

State Of The Arc #6

I finished July with 12 ARCs left to be read.  I got approved for a lot of new ARCs in August. I’m still caught up on reading books before they come out, and my ratio is currently 88%, so this is absolutely something to be happy with. I’m […]