Tag: Top Ten Tuesday

TTT – What To Watch If You Liked

This week’s prompt is: Books I would hand to someone who claims to not like reading.  I’ve definitely come across quite a few people who claim that they don’t like reading. I’m a firm believer that just about anyone can fall in love with reading, as long as […]

TTT – Books Featuring Witches

This week’s topic is a Halloween freebie, so I decided to talk about a topic I can’t get enough of reading about, in all its many forms, whether that be history (non-fiction), historical fiction, fantasy, folklore, or romance. Since I’m a huge wimp, I tend to avoid scary […]

TTT – Favorite Book Settings

There are so many great book settings to choose from, and some of the settings I like depend on the genre. However, there are some settings in which books take place that I always love. These include: Bookstores. Come on, who doesn’t like a story that takes place […]

TTT – Books On My Fall 2021 TBR

I absolutely love the fall. The days are less hot, the nights have started to get chilly, and soon enough the leaves will be changing. I’m already all about the pumpkin everything. But as the weather cools, I’ve noticed that I gravitate towards mysteries and thrillers. Maybe it’s […]

TTT – Fictional Crushes

What book lover doesn’t spend at least some of their their time daydreaming about their fictional crushes? I know I do! Also, because I tend to read a lot of fantasy, I think that characters in books are giving me unrealistic expectations. I’m starting to think I’m never […]