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Friday Favorites – Fantasy Authors

This week’s prompt is about some of my favorite fantasy authors, and this is the perfect topic for me, since I love reading fantasy! I’ve been reading a lot of really incredible books lately, and have discovered some really great new authors. Rather than focus on the usual […]

Friday Favorites – Summer Reads

Who doesn’t adore a good summer read? I’m definitely a mood reader, and wile I tend towards darker, moodier reads in the winter, my summer reads trend towards romance and cozy mysteries. Light-hearted reads seem to rule my summer months, and here’s some of my recent favorites for […]

TTT – Books I Wish Had A Sequel

I’m 100% a series girl. I have a really hard time saying goodbye to characters, and often wish that there were more books to come, either following the characters in the original story or even telling the story of side characters. So instead of talking about books that […]