Book Review


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Georgia Bureau of Investigations Special Agent Will Trent is back in this action-packed short story. This time he’s undercover as a bad-boy ex-con biker who happens to be waiting for a frozen Coke Icee from a temperamental machine at a convenience store in rural Georgia en route to his assignment. After waiting at the machine for far too long, a cop walks into the store to use the restroom and doesn’t hassle him too much. As the cop comes out of the bathroom, the machine finally starts to work, just in time for a shooting and a holdup. Being the kind of man that Will is, you know he can’t just step aside and let this go. Of course he gets involved in the pursuit of justice, but it turns out to be way more complicated than expected.

There’s so much action that Amanda, the deputy director of the Georgia Bureau of Investigations, and Faith Mitchell, Will’s partner have to step in, and this is where it really starts to get good. The plot has more twists and turns than a windy country road, and you’ll never see the end coming.

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