Book Review


I was provided with a free copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Lust by Mike Wells is the first novel in the Lust, Money & Murder series. The story centers around Elaine Brogan, a smart and pretty girl born in the ghetto of Pittsburgh. When her father is arrested for a crime involving counterfeit money he had no knowledge of, she vows to become a Secret Service agent and get revenge. She follows through and makes it through the grueling training to become a Secret Service agent. After training, she is sent to Great Falls, Montana in the dead of winter, but things don’t follow the plan she had in mind, and she is sent to Bulgaria. In Bulgaria, she finds herself in way over her head both personally and professionally.

This book is described as “unputdownable,” and despite the fact that this is not a real word, it’s probably the best way to describe this book. The short chapters and fast-moving plot had me riveted. I finished the entire story in the space of an evening, and can’t wait to read more. Elaine’s character is smart, likable, and well thought out. She isn’t perfect, and definitely has her flaws, but I admire her determination and the fact that she uses her brains rather than relying on her looks to get her places. She consistently works hard rather than expecting results to come her way, which is another positive quality in a protagonist. She has strong morals, aside from the motive for vengeance (of course), and doesn’t use her sexuality to help her achieve her goals, despite the title of the book. It is a pleasant surprise that Elaine wasn’t slutty at all.

The book begins with a prologue that takes place in Italy about a man, a young prostitute, and counterfeit money, but it didn’t exactly tie in with any of the other scenes in the book. There are a lot of loose ends in the book, which I’m guessing are neatly tied up somewhere in the 8 other books in the series. The editing is flawless, the plot is captivating, and the characters seem to come alive on the page. I love a book with short chapters, and while I generally do not like a book that ends with a cliffhanger, it is the first book in a series, after all. Writers have to make money too. The best way to do that is to suck you in and get you to keep buying books. This book definitely will accomplish that.

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