Book Review

The Night Olivia Fell

Rating: 2 out of 5.

I was originally excited to read this, but by the third chapter, my excitement had completely dissipated. It felt like it was awkwardly straddling young adult, poorly written mystery, and romance novel. However, it didn’t do any of those genres justice. Some of the imagery was just sad. There seemed to be a lot of comparing eyes to washed stones, which sounds cheesy.

I’ve been a long-time fan of psychological thrillers, and my favorite part of the genre is trying to figure things out and getting to the point of the book where the plot twist happens and bits of the story start to fall into place. Unfortunately, this book just fell flat for me. I had the “plot twist” figured out fairly early on, and the entire story was so predictable.

Also, the book flashed between Abi, the mother’s point of view in the present, and Olivia, the daughter’s point of view in the past. I would have expected the tone to sound different for two different characters. But, the voice, the expressions, the tone, everything sounded exactly the same. Overall, I finished the book quickly just to get it over with, and wasn’t impressed.

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