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Fall Bucket List Book Tag

I was tagged by Chocoviv to participate in the Fall Bucket List Book Tag. I love doing these book tags, even if they’re challenging. I tend to read a lot of books in specific genres, so sometimes it is difficult to match them to the tags, but I always find a way to make it work! Here’s the rules:

Link back to Tiffany of Read by Tiffany in your post.

  • ↠ Feel free to use any of Tiffany’s graphics in your post, or create your own!
  • ↠ Tag 7 other people at the end of your post, and let them know you’ve tagged them.

I love an underdog story. You know, the kind where the little guy with nothing going for them beats someone with ALL the odds in their favor? That’s definitely this book. Feyre is a mortal, she’s poor, and she’s only one bad week away from starving to death. She faces High Fae threats head on to protect the people she cares about, even when they wouldn’t lift a finger to help her do anything. She may be terrified, but she doesn’t back down from a fight, no matter what the cost is. If you want to know why this book makes me jump for joy … you’ll just have to read it for yourself!

This is story of a family with five boys, where the youngest is transgender, and knows this from age 5. A story where the family accepts this completely, but the outside world isn’t always as understanding. Instead of repressing his true self, he is encouraged to live authentically, and his family keeps his secret, until the secret starts to keep them all hostage, and eventually explodes. This story is amazing, and raw, and real, and heartwarming.

I loved the relationships that Count Rostov had throughout his time in the Metropol Hotel. He never treated anyone as though they were beneath him, even though he was considered an aristocrat. Everyone he came in contact with was someone to learn from; people he had gone to school with, staff at the hotel, other guests, government officials, and even Nina, a young girl who stayed at the hotel. Plus, Count Rostov was so mischievous!

There was so much hype surrounding this book, and when I got my hands on it, I could totally understand why. The setting was so incredibly detailed, and the characters were so vividly depicted that they practically leaped off the page. I was so emotionally invested in the story that it didn’t even feel like a story to me. I have never had a book draw such deep emotion out of me as this one did.

I don’t generally read lighthearted books, but this is the closest I’ve come in a long time. This book takes us on a nostalgic tour of what growing up in the ‘80s was like, despite my own childhood taking place in a much different locale than the sunny Florida mobile home park of the author. She has a clever wit that makes this story seem lighthearted and amusing, even when parts of it could be alarming if told in a different style. But I wouldn’t want it told any differently than she chose to, and I’m definitely looking forward to hearing about her perspective on the ‘90s.

And now for the fun part – I’m tagging seven awesome book bloggers that I’ve connected with to participate in this fun book tag!

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