Book Review

Crown Of Midnight

Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas is the second book in the Throne of Glass series. While Throne of Glass didn’t end on a cliffhanger, I was looking to find out what happened next in the story.

TRIGGER WARNING: Reference to rape, gore

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Assassin Celaena Sardothien won a brutal contest to become the King’s Champion. But she is far from loyal to the crown. Though she hides her secret vigilantly, her deadly charade becomes difficult when she realizes she is not the only one seeking justice. No one is above questioning her allegiance — not the Crown Prince Dorian; not Chaol, the Captain of the Guard; not even her best friend, Nehemia, a foreign princess with a rebel heart.

Then, one terrible night, the secrets they have all been keeping lead to an unspeakable tragedy. As Celaena’s world shatters, she will be forced to decide once and for all where her true loyalties lie … and whom she is willing to fight for.

While Celaena is the same in some ways as she was in the last book; smart, determined, brave, and independent, she has changed in other ways. She’s physically stronger, since she has had a chance to recover from her time in slavery. She’s also become a little more willing to place her trust in others — but not completely, which is understandable after the life she’s lived. Sarah J. Maas has been dropping some hints about Celaena’s past in both books, but this is the book where we start to learn more about Celaena’s story, and what makes her who she is.

As the King’s Champion, Celaena is required to do whatever the King orders her to do, regardless of her own moral compass. However, she still has her own agenda, and it causes a whole other set of complications to pop up.

This book seamlessly picks up shortly after Throne of Glass ends. There’s an ongoing tension between Celaena, Chaol, and Dorian. Despite the lack of magic in the kingdom, there’s clearly some still flowing, and there’s plenty of politics, intrigue, and conspiracy to go around. The potential for rebellion is faint, but present, and it makes me curious to see what’s in store for future books. I’m interested to see what other secrets Celaena has in store, but the ones revealed in this book were definitely surprises.

People who have sat around with me while I’m reading, especially when there’s a surprising reveal, a shocking plot twist, or an unexpected event often look up in alarm when I gasp audibly. The gasp factor is directly related to the number of times I audibly gasp during a reading, and there isn’t an upper limit.

Gasp Factor: 18

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