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I was tagged by Sara at Millennial Book Review to do this tag, and I’m super excited about it!
This tag was created by Books and Chocoholic, and you can find her original video here. The tag is basically an info dump (obviously) about your reading preferences. Here we go!

How many books on average do you read per month?

I tend to read between 15-20 books each month, give or take. Most of them are average length, but I have a not-so-secret weakness for big books.

How many books are on your TBR?

I currently have 381 books on my TBR, but I add to this most days and occasionally take a book off the list. I’m always hunting for new and exciting books to read!

How are your books organized on your shelves?

I have most of my shelves organized by color at the moment, but I do have one ordered by size because putting them in color order would mean putting really tall books next to super short ones. One shelf is devoted to hardcovers, one to softcovers, one for classic literature, and one to Judaica.

Which genres do you read the most from?

Like Sara, I read a lot of fantasy. I also enjoy reading some historical fiction, and some classics. I’ve been branching out into a little bit of romance in the last few months.

Which genres do you own the most of?

Fantasy for sure.

What is your preferred form of reading (physical books, e-books, etc)?

I much prefer physical books. There’s just something I adore about holding a book. However, since my library is closed due to the shutdown, I’ve been borrowing a lot of e-books. Gotta get my fix!

Who is your most owned author?

George R.R. Martin, but Sarah J. Maas is a close second.

Describe your favorite writing style.

I like writing that is first person, but I don’t mind reading third person either. Fantasy tends to have a lot of information to absorb, with world-building, so I prefer books that clearly lay everything out without overloading me with too much information at once. Books that are descriptive without being overly so work best for me. I hate having to stop reading to look up words on every page when a simpler word would have sufficed. I enjoy books more when there’s action spread throughout the story, and I have a preference for books with short chapters. Probably so I can lie to myself and say, “I’ll just read one more chapter.”

Which literary devices do you like/dislike?

I love when plot twists happen that I didn’t see coming. A lot of my favorite books/series have these incredible plot lines that come together in the most incredible way, and I’m blown away by the depth of the story. Sarah J. Maas’s Throne of Glass series is like that for me. A little bit of foreshadowing makes it hard for me to put the book down, as long as it’s done well.

Which character archetypes do you enjoy?

I like characters who are well-rounded, and have positive and negative traits regardless of whether they’re a hero or a villain. Sass goes a long way, especially if sassy characters are engaged in snarky and witty conversation.

Which are your favorite book settings?

Urban fantasy is earning a new spot on my favorite book settings. I like fantasy that takes place in Eastern European inspired settings, and for historical fiction I prefer books that take place in locations I’ve never been to. Although I do get a little thrill reading a book set in New York, because that’s where I’m from!

Which are your favorite romantic and plot tropes?

For romantic tropes, I like enemies to lovers. I don’t like love triangles at all, because someone always ends up getting hurt. For plot tropes, I’d have to say my all-time favorite is when all looks lost and suddenly the tide turns. Also, when there’s a character who is specifically set to do a certain task or all is lost, and when the villain turns out to not be ALL bad.

That’s all! Here’s who I’m tagging:

If I didn’t tag you, don’t feel bad — you don’t have to be tagged to participate. Join the fun!

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