Monthly Wrap Up

March 2021 Monthly Wrap Up

Is it just me, or did March fly by? Even so, I managed to get more reading done than I did in February, and a lot of it was really good. I’m also getting more comfortable writing reviews for audiobooks, even though it still doesn’t come as easy as writing reviews for printed books for me. 

Spring has sprung in my little corner of the world, and the weather has been absolutely gorgeous. It feels really good to be able to go out in just a t-shirt, instead of having to bundle up in layers after the long, cold, and snowy winter that we had.

This year I vowed to focus on my goals for the year. So here we go:

  • I’ve gained some more new followers on my blog, bringing me to a grand total of 317.
  • I have consistently been hitting my water goal on most days.
  • Most of my blog posts were scheduled in advance, although I fell behind on a few days. I did manage to post every single day this month!
  • I read 7 ARCs, but I keep getting more approved, so I haven’t managed to get my ratio up over 80%. I plan to continue working on that next month.
  • As far as diversifying my reading: I only read 2 YA books in March, the rest were adult, and I’ve been reading a lot less fantasy. Romance turned out to be the genre I read the most books in. Out of the 24 books I read this month, 7 had an LGBTQ+ character (could be better, but I’ve been consistently more inclusive), 17 had a BIPOC character, and almost half (10) were written by BIPOC authors.

Here’s my breakdown of monthly/cumulative totals for March:

March Totals

  • Books read: 24
  • Books DNF’d: 1
  • Pages read: 5,818
  • Hours listened: 115 hours, 32 minutes, 19 seconds
  • Average pages: 387.9
  • Average hours listened: 12 hours, 50 minutes, 15 seconds

Cumulative Averages

  • Days per book: 3.01
  • Pages read per day: 198.51
  • Books read per month: 23.33
  • DNF’d books per month: 1

Genres Read in March:

  • Biography/Memoir: 2
  • Fantasy: 4
  • Folklore/Fairytales: 1
  • General Fiction: 2
  • Graphic Novel: 1
  • Historical Fiction: 2
  • History/War: 1
  • Mystery/Suspense: 3
  • Romance/Erotica: 7
  • Travel/Food: 1

Backlist vs. New Releases

  • Backlist books: 14
  • 2021 releases: 10

Fiction Vs. Non-Fiction

  • Fiction: 20
  • Nonfiction: 4 

Format Read:

  • Print: 11
  • Digital: 4
  • Audio: 9

Age Range

  • Adult: 22
  • YA: 2

My favorite books of the month were The Kingdom of Copper, Act Your Age, Eve Brown, and The Unhoneymooners. 

Here’s what I read in March:

How did your March reading go?

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  1. I read Speak, the original novel, a while ago and thought it handled the subject very well. I can’t think of a word to describe the narrator’s voice, but it makes the situation feel ultimately hopeful — Melinda has a strong sense of humor, which keeps her going even when she’s at her lowest points.

    I also actually liked the made-for-TV Kristen Stewart movie. She played the part very believably.

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