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Why I Love My Library

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Let’s talk about libraries. I have always loved going to the library, ever since I was a little girl. I’m there most days, and there are at least a couple of librarians who know me by name, and the rest definitely know my face. I’m fortunate to live right around the block from mine. But why do I love the library so much? What’s so great about it?

  1. Seriously, what is not to love about an entire building full of books that I can access. FOR FREE? I can just browse the shelves, and it’s like being a kid in a free candy store.
  2. There’s no limit (that I’ve found yet). Every time I go there, I tell myself that I’ll only get a couple of books. And I always end up leaving with way more than I planned to go in with. But … as I mentioned before, they’re free!
  3. They highlight some awesome books that I might never have picked up otherwise. Each month, the staff does these awesome displays. And inevitably, one or more is going to draw my attention. Plus, if I don’t like the book, there’s no risk involved. I can just return it and grab a different book.
  4. They have awesome sales. My library always has books available to buy. At prices that are absolutely unmatched. Hardbacks are $1 and softcovers are 2 for $1. And they’re great books too.
  5. The online access. My library offers access to ebooks and audiobooks that I can download right to my phone or e-reader, without ever having to leave my house. This is amazing, especially as a person who has a disability. This also worked out especially well during the pandemic, when the library (and everything else) was closed, but I was relying heavily on books as an escape to maintain my mental health.
  6. Access to new books. My library is just a tiny little branch (since I live in a pretty small town). But they get some amazing brand new books. And, whatever we don’t have, I can just request from the huge, well-stocked libraries throughout the county, and they nearly always arrive within a few days.
  7. The staff. One of the best perks of the library is the people who work there. If I really loved a certain book, I can just walk up to one of the staff members and ask them to recommend some other books like it. Chances are, they’ll be able to name drop at least a few other books, and there’s at least one that I haven’t read. Plus, it gives me a chance to geek out with other book lovers.
  8. Other materials are available too. I know we all think of books when we think of libraries, but that’s not all my library stocks. My branch also has audiobooks on CD, music on CDs, DVDs, newspapers, magazines, and a whole shelf of “other” stuff. I only recently discovered that you can take out things like board games. A nearby library even has video games that you can check out.
  9. Activities. My local library offers a huge range of activities each month, for kids, teens, and adults. Most recently, adult programming includes physical activities (like yoga), cooking classes, arts and crafts, a book club, and this summer they’re doing a reading contest. You know I had to get involved in that. They also have take-home activities, and sometimes offer health screenings.
  10. Web-based learning. I only recently discovered that my library’s website offers tailored language learning in an absolutely ridiculous number of languages. You can start with basic lessons and work your way up, take a course designed for travel, or learn the skills needed to speak a language for your job, such as learning Spanish (or any other language) for healthcare professionals.

Do you love your library? What do you love about it?

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