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TTT – My Favorite Black Authors

Top Ten Tuesday used to be a weekly post hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, but was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl. “It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.” This is definitely something I can understand and want to participate in.

Happy Tuesday! This past weekend was my birthday, and I actually went out on Saturday and then had a family brunch and get together afterwards, so that was a whole lot of people-ing for me, and I’m currently pretty wiped out. But, February is almost here, and in celebration of it almost being Black History Month, I want to use this freebie to highlight ten of my favorite Black authors! I’m going to incorporate various genres, so that hopefully there will be something for everyone, and maybe I’ll encourage someone to pick up a new book by a Black author this month. Here they are in no particular order:

  1. C.L. Clark — her queer fantasy series kicked off with The Unbroken and it completely won me over with the fantastic plot, wonderfully created characters, and the magnetic sexual tension between characters on two opposing sides of colonial conflict.
  2. Octavia E. Butler — she was a groundbreaking author, and her combination of sci-fi/historical fiction in Kindred was an incredible view on time travel, the legacy of slavery, racism, and family relationships.
  3. Dolen Perkins-Valdez — Take My Hand was a compelling novel about a dark chapter in American history, when the medical profession was used to harm and control the fertility and lives of young, poor, Black women in the post-segregation South, and one brave nurse’s fight against this harmful system.
  4. Evan Winter — a standout series starting with The Rage of Dragons is a stunning military fantasy set in an African-inspired world and has quickly become one of my favorites.
  5. Tiffany D. Jackson — one of the few YA horror authors that I’m willing to read consistently, I fell in love with her spin on Stephen King’s Carrie in The Weight of Blood, where she adds in a racist spin and a biracial main character to create additional depth and complexity to an already fascinating story.
  6. Talia Hibbert — she is the queen of sexy romance, with mental health representation that is beautifully and sensitively done, and I’ve loved every one of her books that I’ve read so far, even the one where she branches into YA romance.
  7. Alyssa Cole — if you’re looking for a good mystery/suspense/thriller, look no further. I loved When No One is Watching, which revolves around gentrification, but also addresses racism both on a personal and system level, and kept me hooked until the shocking end.
  8. Megan Giddings — she writes creepy, mysterious suspense novels. If you missed her debut, Lakewood, about a medical trial, I’m sure you’ve heard about The Women Could Fly, which incorporates some paranormal and dystopian elements, while still retaining compelling, emotional aspects to the story.
  9. Yaa Gyasi — her contemporary novel, Transcendent Kingdom, was absolutely absorbing, about a neuroscience doctoral candidate studying addiction and depression. Her work dovetails with her own family experience, after her brother’s fatal overdose and her mother’s consequent depression, and her own struggle with faith.
  10. Toni Morrison — her books are classics for a reason. Do I really have to give an explanation for why you should be reading them? Just trust me on this one.

Who are your favorite Black authors? Did any of these inspire you to pick up a book by one of these authors?

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    • Thank you! I think it’s so important to draw attention to diverse books, and I’m hoping that this list might inspire someone to read a book by a Black author in February that they might not have thought of. There are so many amazing Black authors!


    • Thank you! I’m going to have to add Wench to my TBR, since I loved Perkins Valdez’s writing style. Kindred is amazing, and now I’m dying to read more of Octavia E. Butler’s work too. Hulu did an adaptation of Kindred, and while it’s a bit different, it’s good too!


  1. Great topic idea! I have loved all of Tiffany D. Jackson’s books I’ve read – but they were the ones she wrote before she started doing horror! I have a few more of them I really want to get to as well.

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    • I also read Whiteout, but she seems to be one of those authors that is incredible no matter what genre she writes in! And her horror isn’t terrifying and full of jump-scares, it’s more of a thoughtful type of horror, which I really enjoyed. I’m definitely going to be looking into her backlist.


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