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TTT – Things That Make Me Instantly Want To Read A Book

Top Ten Tuesday used to be a weekly post hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, but was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl. “It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.” This is definitely something I can understand and want to participate in.

There are some things that can make me immediately want to pick up a book. You know what I mean—all you have to do is know that a book is going to be coming out and you already want to get your hands on it. Well, if you’re anything like me, that is. Here are some of the things that make me instantly want to read a book.

  1. The author. I have an ever-growing list of auto-buy authors, and all I need to hear is that they have a book coming out to know that I want to read it right meow. I want to read it even more desperately if it’s the next book in a series that I’ve been reading.
  2. The cover. I’ll admit it—I’m a sucker for a gorgeous cover, and I absolutely judge books by their covers. If I see a really beautiful or eye-catching book cover, chances are good that I’ll be reading that book fairly soon.
  3. OwnVoices Jewish books. If I come across an upcoming release by a Jewish author featuring a Jewish character, it’s most likely going to get read soon. It’s important to have representation in books, and as a Jewish reviewer, I like to think that I add something with my reviews of these books.
  4. Sapphic books. I love a good sapphic storyline, whether it is prominent in a romance or a subplot in a fantasy novel. I find myself looking forward to reading sapphic (and bisexual) romances more than I do straight romances.
  5. Features a culture I don’t know much about. While some people may not see value in reading fiction, I have learned so much about other cultures simply by reading about them. I do mix it up and include some nonfiction as well, but I love learning about cultures, folklore, and mythology, and there have been some really amazing books that incorporate all of these things.
  6. The blurb. I don’t care how pretty the cover is, if the blurb makes the book sound boring, I’m not going to read it. On the other hand, an interesting blurb can make me immediately want to read a book even if the cover isn’t striking.
  7. Setting. As a lover of historical fiction, there’s certain settings that I love. Books set during the Russian Revolution or the Middle Ages, or those that take place in Asia, Central or South America, or Africa tend to draw my attention most often. I also love books about the Roman Empire and Vikings.
  8. Tropes. If I’m reading romance, there’s certain tropes that always grab my attention. Books featuring fake dating, forced proximity, marriage of convenience, enemies to lovers, and second chances are usually winners for me.
  9. If it’s recommended by a friend. There are certain friends who make flawless recommendations for me. I can trust them to know my tastes and come up with an amazing recommendation every time, without fail. (I know, I’m blessed.) So thanks to Becky, Kristy, Lois, Susan, and Julie for never letting me down.
  10. Hype. I don’t always buy into the hype, but sometimes I get a serious case of FOMO. And I’m picky about where the hype is coming from. Usually when I see a lot of great reviews from the people I trust on blogs or bookstagram, I’m more likely to want to read a book ASAP. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way not to trust the hype of TikTok.

What are some of the things that make you want to instantly read a book?

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  1. I confess, compelling covers are my kryptonite. And I do read blurbs. These days, because I’m pretending I’m writing, I’m avoiding books that suck me in.

    I hope you eventually read DREAM DANCER. I think Leah is a compelling Jewish voice because being Jewish is, for her, so intrinsic to her life that it is like breathing. IMHO. But hey! I’m the author. Whadda I know?

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  2. I have so many favorite authors and for me they’re always kind of that “comfort read” that I just enjoy each time. And I am a total cover snob so I adore a good cover art. 🙂

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    • There’s something so great about turning to a favorite author, and just knowing that you’re going to love their style and the story, even if you’ve never read the book.


  3. I’m all about historical fiction too. Books set during The Gilded Age or the Irish Potato Famine always draw me in. The WWII setting has been overused, so I don’t pick up as many of those anymore, but WW1 and the Vietnam War are settings that fascinate me.

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    • I’ve learned so much from historical fiction, although I also stay away from WWII because it’s a personal topic for my family and I. But other wars are so interesting. I haven’t found any books during the Irish Potato Famine, but I recently read a really powerful book set during the Holodomor. There’s so many periods in history to learn from!!


      • Oooh, that sounds interesting. I would be open to reading WWII fiction that’s set outside of Europe, but chances are I’d go for a memoir over a fiction, since it’s so recent.


    • I always try to read books from other cultures, because it’s so fun to expand my knowledge through reading. That way, when I meet someone from that culture, I’m not completely ignorant.

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  4. I’m not Jewish, but I find books about the religion/culture very interesting. I love that you are so good about pointing out which ones are authentic and which aren’t. It’s nice to get an insider’s view because an outsider can’t ever REALLY know what it’s about, right? At least that’s how I feel about portrayals of my religion in literature.

    Happy TTT!


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    • I’m so glad that you enjoy reading about Judaism and learning about the culture and religion. There’s so much to learn, and part of why I always try to review Jewish books is to put in my own point of view as a Jewish person. And when I’m reading books from other cultures, I always try to check out reviews from OwnVoices reviewers to get that insider’s view, because you’re absolutely right about that.


  5. Ok. Your answers are not all typical. I love that you look not just for your own rep but rep from cultures you don’t know as much about. I think that is fabulous!

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