Category: Top Ten Tuesday

TTT – Books I Love That Were Written Over Ten Years Ago

I’ve been focusing on reading a lot of recent books, so finding books that I love which were written more than ten years ago took a lot of effort on my part. Here’s some of my favorite books that are at least a decade old: A Discovery of […]

TTT – Bookish Wishes

Today’s prompt is bookish wishes, and I’ve got a LOT! Since I’m disabled and rely on the library and NetGalley for the majority of my books, it makes it especially hard to access some indie books, or those that aren’t available on NetGalley (or those I get declined […]

TTT – Books I Wish Had A Sequel

I’m 100% a series girl. I have a really hard time saying goodbye to characters, and often wish that there were more books to come, either following the characters in the original story or even telling the story of side characters. So instead of talking about books that […]