Category: Top Ten Tuesday

TTT – Books With An Adjective in The Title

This is an interesting topic that was submitted by Nicole @ How to Train a Book Dragon, and I’m sure there are literally zillions of books that have an adjective in the title. Here’s some that come to mind: The Cruel Prince by Holly Black A Court of […]

TTT – Books With My Favorite Trope

This week’s topic is book with my favorite trope or theme, courtesy of Allona @ raincheckandread. I’m definitely a sucker for various tropes (who isn’t?), but fake dating is definitely high up on my list. Here’s some of my favorite books featuring fake dating: The Unhoneymooners by Christina […]

TTT – Dynamic Duos

Dynamic duos are iconic in our culture — Batman and Robin, Sherlock and Watson, Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang, Pinky and the Brain, I could go on all day. But there’s just something amazing about seeing a duo that works together in a book. Here’s some of my […]

TTT – Love Freebie

This week, we get a love freebie! Instead of going for the obvious and listing some of my favorite romance books, I want to go off the beaten path a little. So I’m going to be talking about my favorite FANTASY books that feature amazing romances. Here’s what […]