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Monthly Wrap Up July 2022

July was a super stressful month on the home front. My mom had a major surgery, and I spent a bunch of time rushing back and forth between the hospital, on the phone trying to coordinate care for her, and trying to meet her needs while still working […]

State Of The ARC #17

I finished June with 20 ARCs left to be read.  Devoting time to ARCs is now becoming a habit each month, and while I’m still getting approved for a bunch, I’m finding myself requesting less (but not fully on a requesting ban). It’s very heartening to see progress […]

Monthly Wrap Up June 2022

June was a busy month for me, and it was still pretty stressful. I’m so grateful for my friends and good books, because they’ve kept me from completely falling apart. In other news, America officially sucks and I’m so embarrassed to live here. Reading has become an escape […]

Monthly Wrap Up May 2022

May was one of the most stressful months that I can remember in a long time. We had to put one of my dogs to sleep, and another dog went into congestive heart failure the next week, followed by some major health issues for my mom resulting in […]

State Of The ARC #15

I finished April with 30 ARCs left to be read.  In May, I got approved for 10 new ARCs, bringing my total to 40. It got out of control, and I started feeling super stressed about it. So instead of getting overwhelmed, I devoted some serious time to […]

Monthly Wrap Up April 2022

April was a long month, and I was struggling with reading physical books for a lot of it, despite the huge TBR shelf that I have waiting for me. I wound up reading more books than before (44 books!), although a lot of them were audiobooks, and then […]

Monthly Wrap Up March 2022

March felt like it went by so quickly, but it still doesn’t quite feel like springtime here. We even got some snow squalls towards the end of the month. I read less books this month, but got a lot of ARCs read, even though I also got approved […]

State Of The ARC #13

I finished February with 19 ARCs left to be read.  In March, I got approved for 12 new ARCs, and so many of them were books that I’m really looking forward to. I’ve been working really hard on getting all the books read and reviewed at least a […]

State Of The ARC #12

I finished January with 18 ARCs left to be read.  In February, I got approved for 11 new ARCs, and I can’t wait to read them all! Fortunately, I got a bunch of ARCs that I’m super thrilled about.  I’ve been mindful of the due dates, and have […]