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Monthly Wrap Up July 2022

July was a super stressful month on the home front. My mom had a major surgery, and I spent a bunch of time rushing back and forth between the hospital, on the phone trying to coordinate care for her, and trying to meet her needs while still working […]

State Of The ARC #17

I finished June with 20 ARCs left to be read.  Devoting time to ARCs is now becoming a habit each month, and while I’m still getting approved for a bunch, I’m finding myself requesting less (but not fully on a requesting ban). It’s very heartening to see progress […]

State Of The ARC #15

I finished April with 30 ARCs left to be read.  In May, I got approved for 10 new ARCs, bringing my total to 40. It got out of control, and I started feeling super stressed about it. So instead of getting overwhelmed, I devoted some serious time to […]

State Of The ARC #14

I finished March with 21 ARCs left to be read.  In April, I got approved for a whopping 18 new ARCs! Despite focusing heavily on reading ARCs this month, I naturally fell a little behind my intended schedule of reviewing books the month before they’re published. I managed […]

State Of The ARC #12

I finished January with 18 ARCs left to be read.  In February, I got approved for 11 new ARCs, and I can’t wait to read them all! Fortunately, I got a bunch of ARCs that I’m super thrilled about.  I’ve been mindful of the due dates, and have […]

State Of The ARC #10

I finished November with 9 ARCs left to be read.  In December, I got approved for 6 new ARCs, and I was thrilled about it (as usual). I didn’t get to spend as much time focusing on ARCs as I wanted to, since I was focused on the […]

State Of The Arc #8

I finished October with 10 ARCs left to be read.  I got approved for 4 new ARCs in October. This month I stayed on top of reading books before they came out, and I was super proud of that, and actually managed to read some of my November […]

State Of The ARC #3

May was a great month for ARC progress for me. I finally managed to get my ratio above 80% and keep it there! I am a little behind on reading and reviewing ARCs before they are released, but I’m planning to focus on that in June. Since this […]

April 2021 Monthly Wrap Up

The months have been going by quickly, but April felt like it went by fastest out of all of them. This was an incredible reading month for me, and I enjoyed a lot of the books I read. The weather is getting warmer here in New York, and […]

State Of The ARC #2

I’ve actually made some progress on my ARCs since I posted this for the first time last month. After reading and reviewing 6 ARCs, my current ratio is at 79%. I made it to 80%, but immediately got approved for one, putting me back under the magic number. […]