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State Of The ARC #21

I finished October with 10 ARCs left to be read.  November feels like it just started, and it’s already over. I tried my best to stay on top of ARCs, but it feels like no matter how many ARCs I read, I got approved for more than I […]

State Of The ARC #9

I finished November with 9 ARCs left to be read.  I got approved for a whopping 7 new ARCs in November, 3 of which I was absolutely dying to get my hands on! In case you’re wondering, they were the Karen M. McManus, Hailey Neil, and Dahlia Adler […]

State Of The ARC #3

May was a great month for ARC progress for me. I finally managed to get my ratio above 80% and keep it there! I am a little behind on reading and reviewing ARCs before they are released, but I’m planning to focus on that in June. Since this […]