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State Of The ARC #5

I finished June with 9 ARCs left to be read, and 1 that I had read and not yet reviewed.  I got approved for a bunch of new ARCs in July. I’m caught up on reading books before they come out, and my ratio is currently 89%, so […]

State Of The ARC #4

I finished May with 16 ARCs left to be read, and 1 that I had read and not yet reviewed. I’m so proud of the progress that I made in June! My ratio is currently at 90%, and I couldn’t be happier. I got approved for 2 new […]

State Of The ARC #3

May was a great month for ARC progress for me. I finally managed to get my ratio above 80% and keep it there! I am a little behind on reading and reviewing ARCs before they are released, but I’m planning to focus on that in June. Since this […]

State Of The ARC #2

I’ve actually made some progress on my ARCs since I posted this for the first time last month. After reading and reviewing 6 ARCs, my current ratio is at 79%. I made it to 80%, but immediately got approved for one, putting me back under the magic number. […]

State of the ARC #1

This is normally to be posted at the end of the month, but my ARCs have been getting out of control. It seems like every time I made some progress on the backlog, I get approved for some more, keeping my ratio under 80%. So I figured that […]