Monthly Wrap Up

April 2021 Monthly Wrap Up

The months have been going by quickly, but April felt like it went by fastest out of all of them. This was an incredible reading month for me, and I enjoyed a lot of the books I read. The weather is getting warmer here in New York, and I’m having mixed feelings about that, since I truly do love winter.

This year I vowed to focus on my goals and bring up some positive things I experience throughout the year. So here we go:

  • I got a lot more followers this month, bringing my total to 352! That means, I’ve gained 35 in the last month.
  • Water drinking has become routine at this point, and I’m hitting my goal nearly every day.
  • Blog posts have continued daily, and scheduling in advance was especially helpful. Rather than just scheduling posts one day in advance, I’ve been scheduling posts multiple days in advance, so that I have the time to plan out thoughtful posts.
  • I somehow managed to read 34 books. That is probably a new record for me.
  • I read 6 ARCs and got my ratio to 80%, but got approved for one more ARC the next day, bringing my total down to 79%. My State of the ARC accountability post has been helpful with that, and I’m committed to working on my ARCs this month too.
  • As far as diversifying my reading: I’m still reading more adult books than YA, and although I read more fantasy this month, I’ve also continued reading a bunch of other genres (which was a goal). Out of the 34 books I read this month, 15 had an LGBTQ+ character, 21 had a BIPOC character, and almost half (16) were written by BIPOC authors. I also read a bunch of Jewish OwnVoices books, which was awesome to see becoming more mainstream.

Here’s my breakdown of monthly/cumulative totals for April:

April Totals

  • Books read: 34
  • Books DNF’d: 0
  • Pages read: 5,749
  • Hours listened: 142 hours, 53 minutes, 54 seconds
  • Average pages: 302.6
  • Average hours listened: 10 hours, 12 minutes, 25 seconds

Cumulative Averages

  • Days per book: 2.97
  • Pages read per day: 195.13
  • Books read per month: 23.33
  • DNF’d books per month: 1.25

Genres Read in April:

  • Biography/Memoir: 3
  • Fantasy: 11
  • General Fiction: 6
  • Historical Fiction: 1
  • Mystery/Suspense: 5
  • Romance/Erotica: 6
  • Travel/Food: 2

Backlist vs. New Releases

  • Backlist books: 20
  • 2021 releases: 14

Fiction Vs. Non-Fiction

  • Fiction: 29
  • Nonfiction: 5

Format Read:

  • Print: 10
  • Digital: 9
  • Audio: 15

Age Range

  • Adult: 19
  • YA: 15

My favorite books of the month were We Free the Stars by Hafsah Faizal, Rule of Wolves by Leigh Bardugo, Firekeeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley, and The Bride Test by Helen Hoang.

Here’s what I read in April:

We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal (Sands of Arawiya #1) — this was a reread, and my rating didn’t change from the first read through, so I didn’t rate it.

How did your April go?

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  1. I really enjoyed my April.

    Finally was able to finish books- Little Yellow-Lighted Bookshop, Song of Achilles, Hard Times, and Peter Pan

    Exploring- hiked at Lake Norman State Park and explored a part of Charlotte I rarely go to

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  2. Wow this is amazing! Out of curiosity (bc I’m a broke college student) where do u get ur books? I’m always trying to buy more but the typical booksellers like B&N get so pricey

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