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The Nihryst: Complete Trilogy

Today I want to spotlight a new release of a favorite fantasy series of mine: The Nihryst by Cait Marie. Here’s the summary from Goodreads:

A prophecy foretold by the stars. A fragile treaty between two kingdoms. A web of lies to unweave.

Growing up, Princess Adalina loved nothing more than to read her fairy tales and play out her favorite stories with her older brother, Shane, and best friend, Phillip. Now, with their kingdom on the brink of war, those tales might be the only hope of saving their people.

And it starts with finding the Nihryst—a group of legendary immortal warriors, supposedly cursed by the royal siblings’ ancestors over a century earlier.

In a world full of love and betrayal, curses, witches, and pirates, Ada and Shane must decide how much they’re willing to give for their kingdom and a future with those they love.

Because the stars foretold their story long before their time, and if they stray from their fates, the dire consequences will be the destruction of all they know.

This collection includes The Lost Legends, The Lost Prince, The Lost Alliance, and most of the bonus chapters from The Lost Dreams. It can be read as a complete story, though there will be more books set years later.

I’ve read each of these books (and short stories) as they came out, and enjoyed them all so much. They incorporate elements of Robin Hood, Tangled, and a hint of Pirates of the Caribbean, and seriously? Who doesn’t like a headstrong, stubborn princess, who gets wrapped up with pirates while trying to get to the bottom of her favorite fairy tale? In addition, there’s romance, action, and political intrigue, and I couldn’t put any of these stories down.

Cait Marie is definitely one of my favorite indie authors, and her talent consistently shines through in her work, whether it’s her fantasy books or the sweet romances that she writes. This is definitely one of my top recommendations, and I’m glad to be able to highlight this gorgeous new edition, of which I definitely give 5 glowing stars.

You can get this book here:

If you purchase this book through the affiliate link above, I may earn a small commission at no cost to you.

Have you read any of Cait’s stories yet?

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    • Wow! That makes me so incredibly happy to hear – that you value my judgment (because I value yours highly), and that you’re supporting one of my faves! Can’t wait to hear what you think!

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