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Friday Favorites – Fictional Siblings

I’ve really missed doing Friday Favorites, and since no one was currently hosting it, Cait @ Functionally Fictional decided to jump into the gap. Each week, she provides a prompt, and I get to talk about my favorite books that fit the topic. Feel free to join in – the more the merrier!

Who doesn’t love a good set of fictional siblings in a story? I know I do, and there’s some authors who create beautiful, memorable sibling relationships. Here are some of my favorite fictional siblings:

  1. Ada and Shane from the Nihryst by Cait Marie. These two have captured my entire heart!
  2. Mercy, Lil, and Zeddy from The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy by Megan Bannen. They’re all so cute and have a great dynamic.
  3. Hannah and Joey from Those Summer Nights by Hannah Silverman. They’ve got such a cool dynamic that it made me wish I had a sibling close in age when I was a teenager, because I definitely missed out!
  4. Delilah and Astrid from Delilah Green Doesn’t Care by Ashley Herring Blake. Stepsisters count, right? Because I absolutely loved the antagonistic and contentious relationship that these two had.
  5. Caiden Verran and his brothers from The Dark King by Gina L. Maxwell. The only thing hotter than one sexy, rich, and powerful fae king is realizing that he has two brothers—and this book seriously delivers, with each brother being so different, but all appealing in their own way. 🥵

Who are some of your favorite siblings to read about?

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  1. I love the fictional siblings:

    1. The Weasley Siblings
    2. Pensive Siblings
    3. Von Trapp Children
    4. The Thenardier Children
    5. Aurora and Jasmine- Fraternal Twins (Orphans)

    I fell like I am missing some some of them- I least I got some of them


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