Monthly Wrap Up

Monthly Wrap Up December 2022

And that’s a wrap on 2022!

I’m not sorry to see that year go, but there were some high points to it. Spending time with my family and friends, meeting some really incredible people through social media, and becoming really close with a few of the people that I’ve gotten to know through social media were some of my favorite parts of the year. There were also some low points, namely struggling with my own health and having my dog diagnosed with congestive heart failure, but we’re working through it and I’m focusing on taking care of both of us to the best of my ability. 

Last year, I set some goals for myself as far as reading and blogging, and did a rather good job with it. I’d like to continue on with those goals, namely of growing my blog, and working on expanding my reading horizons. My subscribers went from 483 to 704 in 2022, so that looks like a successful year to me. I’m hoping to get it up to 1,000 in 2023. I’ve also been focusing on reading diverse books, such as OwnVoices experiences, both fiction and nonfiction, and plan to continue to do so. It’s been so enlightening and interesting to learn more about other cultures and histories, especially those that aren’t taught in the educational system, and seeing how the folklore, history, and storytelling styles influence fiction stories.

Here’s some of my December highlights:

  • As usual, I’ve been working on physical ARCs, but now have to juggle in some more NetGalley ARCs. Hopefully the Harper Collins Union strike will be resolved soon, since I’m holding reviews from that publisher and their imprints, and they publish a lot of my favorite authors.
  • I read 5 nonfiction books, including a New Age book, a memoir, two books about historical events, and one about the history of abortion.
  • My ongoing efforts to incorporate diverse voices led me to read books written by and about Black, Indigenous, Jewish, LGBTQIA+, Asian, and SWANA (southwest Asian and North African) people. 
  • I only read 11 of my 12 in 12 challenge books, but I’m going to be participating in this challenge again in 2023.

Here’s my breakdown of monthly/cumulative totals for December:

December Totals:

  • Books read: 46
  • Books DNF’d: 0
  • Pages read: 7,975
  • Hours listened: 7 days, 12 hours, 56 minutes
  • Average pages: 295.4
  • Average hours listened: 9 hours, 31 minutes

Cumulative Averages:

  • Days per book: 2.64
  • Pages read per day: 135.90
  • Books read per month: 42
  • DNF’d books per month: 0.58

Genres Read in December:

  • Biography/Memoir: 1
  • Fantasy: 16
  • General Fiction: 4
  • Graphic Novel: 1
  • Historical Fiction: 2
  • History/War: 2
  • Horror: 2
  • Mystery/Suspense: 11
  • Paranormal/New Age: 1
  • Romance/Erotica: 3
  • Sci-Fi: 2
  • Social Science/Current Affairs/Politics: 1

Backlist vs. New Releases:

  • Backlist books: 18
  • 2022 releases: 15
  • 2023 releases: 13

Fiction Vs. Nonfiction:

  • Fiction: 41
  • Nonfiction: 5

Format Read:

  • Print: 7
  • Digital: 20
  • Audio: 19

Age Range:

  • Adult: 36
  • YA: 10

My favorite books of the month were Finlay Donovan is Killing It by Elle Cosimano and The Bladed Faith by David Dalglish.

Here’s what I read in December:

  • Scorched by Cassie Swindon (The Linked Trilogy #1) (ARC)

Yearly Totals:

  • Books read: 504
  • Books DNF’d: 7
  • Pages read: 99,207
  • Hours listened: 2,304 hours, 15 minutes, 14 seconds

Format Read:

  • Print: 126
  • Digital: 149
  • Audio: 229

Fiction vs. Nonfiction:

  • Fiction: 455
  • Nonfiction: 49

Age Range:

  • Adult: 363
  • YA: 139
  • MG: 2
  • Children: 0

Genres Read: 

  • Biography/Memoir: 15
  • Fantasy: 155
  • Folklore/Fairytales: 6
  • General Fiction: 53
  • General Nonfiction: 3
  • Graphic Novel: 1
  • Historical Fiction: 56
  • History/War: 12
  • Horror: 15
  • Humor: 1
  • Mystery/Suspense: 91
  • Paranormal/New Age: 3
  • Poetry: 1
  • Romance/Erotica: 66
  • Science/Nature: 3
  • Science Fiction: 12
  • Self-Help/Inspiration: 1
  • Social Science/Current Affairs/Politics: 3
  • Travel/Food: 3
  • True Crime: 3

Rating Breakdown:

  • Half Star: 1
  • 1 Star: 6
  • 1.5 stars: 0
  • 2 stars: 21
  • 2.5 stars: 6
  • 3 stars: 48
  • 3.5 stars: 33
  • 4 stars: 150
  • 4.5 stars: 56
  • 5 stars: 139

Page Breakdown:

  • Less than 100 pages: 14
  • 101-200 pages: 7
  • 200-300 pages: 36
  • 300-400 pages: 123
  • 400-500 pages: 68
  • 500-600 pages: 23
  • 600-700 pages: 2
  • More than 700 pages: 3

How did your 2022 reading go? Do you have any goals set for 2023?

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  1. Another fantastic month for you! I love reading your wrap-up posts because there’s always something in them that I haven’t discovered that interests me. This time it’s When Abortion Was A Crime.

    Also, that’s incredible how much your blog follower count increased in a year. Do you have any tips? I try to engage, etc., but mine grows so slowly!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s taken me a while to get here – I’ve been running this blog for a few years now, and I think the thing that’s helped me the most is being consistent. Participating in things like Top Ten Tuesday, linking to the main page, and blog hopping has also helped, but it feels like it grows really slowly until I actually looked back over the year!

      After Roe v. Wade was overturned, I saw a lot of posts on Instagram about books to read about the subject, and was really interested about learning more about it – not just the history, but different experiences as well as how it impacts different cultural groups disproportionately. When Abortion Was a Crime was a great book for that, and I hope you give it a read!


      • That’s good to know with respect to consistency. I do think posting more in 2022 helped with my blog stats, no doubt. I’ve been told anecdotally that blog hopping helps. I do it, and would like to do more, but it definitely takes time! Trying to avoid feeling like too little butter spread over too much bread here, lol!

        Definitely adding When Abortion Was a Crime to my TBR, thanks!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Blog hopping definitely helps – I’ve found that forming connections with others and interacting is what gets me more followers. And it works well because it’s usually the people who I have a lot in common with, book-wise!


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