Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites – Fictional Parents

I’ve really missed doing Friday Favorites, and since no one was currently hosting it, Cait @ Functionally Fictional decided to jump into the gap. Each week, she provides a prompt, and I get to talk about my favorite books that fit the topic. Feel free to join in – the more the merrier!

This week’s prompt is fictional parents, but I’ve gotta be honest here. Most of the books I read don’t include happy families. If there are parents, they’re usually of the wicked or horrible kind. So this took plenty of work to compile, but here are some of my favorite fictional parents:

  1. Going Bicoastal by Dahlia Adler — both of the parents seemed to really care about Natalya, but in their own different ways. I loved seeing how she managed to find ways to connect with each of them differently.
  2. Kantika by Elizabeth Graver — Rebecca’s parents showed their love the best they could, but trying to keep their family safe. It seems like people didn’t rely so much on words in those days, but showed their love through actions, and it looks like Rebecca’s parents set her up to be successful in a tough world, as best they were able.
  3. Seven Percent of Ro Devereux by Ellen O’Clover — Ro’s dad is definitely one of my favorite fictional parents, and he’s such a great single dad. He has a great relationship with Ro, and is the voice of reason without being overbearing.
  4. The Finlay Donovan series by Elle Cosimano — Finley’s parents are adorable and kind of funny in their own way, and I definitely wouldn’t mind hanging out with them.
  5. The Scholomance series by Naomi Novik — I absolutely loved El’s mother and her unconventional ways. It can’t have been easy to have a daughter as different from yourself as El was from her, but she managed to do a great job of raising her and not raising an evil maleficer.

Who are some of your favorite fictional parents?

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