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Friday Favorites – Authors I’d Invite To A Dinner Party

I’ve really missed doing Friday Favorites, and since no one was currently hosting it, Cait @ Functionally Fictional decided to jump into the gap. Each week, she provides a prompt, and I get to talk about my favorite books that fit the topic. Feel free to join in – the more the merrier!

This week’s topic is a really interesting one. I’ve never actually thrown a dinner party, but once I do, I’ll know that I’ve reached the pinnacle of adulting. Along with actually folding the laundry right after I take it out of the dryer, right? If I could invite any authors that I wanted to my hypothetical dinner party, here’s some who would definitely be on the guest list:

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  1. Leigh Bardugo — she just seems like the kind of person who would be so interesting to hang out with. I bet she’d also have some super fun stories to tell as well.
  2. David Dalglish — despite the heartbreaks I’ve suffered as a result of his books, I still think he’d be super fun to have at a dinner party, especially if his presence on Twitter is anything to go by.
  3. C.L. Clark — they write such incredible books and compelling characters, plus just seem so awesome on Twitter, that I’d just want to pick their brain all night!
  4. Evan Winter — I seriously love his books, but I’d love to get to know more about him and maybe even get a little sneak preview into what’s in store for The Rage of Dragons series.
  5. Andrea Stewart — anyone who is brilliant enough to come up with the series that she did definitely needs to come to a dinner party and chat a bit. I’d want to know more about her and what to expect next.
  6. R.F. Kuang — who wouldn’t want to have her at a dinner party? She’s brilliant and always has some kind of subversive story idea cooking to shake things up. It feels like a dinner party with Kuang wouldn’t have a chance of being boring.
  7. Nghi Vo — tell me she doesn’t seem like someone who would be full of intriguing dinner stories? Because I certainly think she does. 
  8. Gina L. Maxwell — I’d obviously want Gina to come, because she’s a really awesome person and I adore her. We’ve been online friends for a few years, and she’s so fun and sweet. She’s always welcome at any of my dinner parties.
  9. Alice Hoffman — For an author with such a long and varied backlist, this is an author I’d have to invite to a dinner party. I’d love to learn more about her as a person and how she comes up with her ideas.
  10. Ashley Herring Blake — as the author of two of my favorite books involving bisexual characters, I’d love to have her over for a dinner party. With all of the humor in her books, I’d expect her to be a seriously funny person, possibly the comic relief for the dinner.

Who would be invited to your dinner party?

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    • There’s so many authors that I’d just want to see how their brain works! Especially the ones who seem normal but write the most twisted mysteries or horror.


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