Category: Fae Friday

Fae Friday – Mischievous Characters

Here’s the rules: Yesterday was April Fool’s, a day known to be full of mischief and pranks. So the prompt for this week is: What are some of your favorite mischievous characters? I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to mention my boy Nikolai Lantsov, from the Girshaverse books […]

Fae Friday – Why I Blog

Here’s the rules: This week’s prompt is all about ourselves, and asks the question: Why do I blog? At first, I started blogging because it was a great way to share about the books that I loved (and didn’t love). But it grew into a great way to […]

Fae Friday – Genre War

Here’s the rules: It’s #FaeFriday, and it’s time to start a genre war… (not really, please be nice). What is your least favorite genre, and why? My least favorite genre is horror. I don’t have anything against the genre itself, and I haven’t really read very many books […]