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TTT – Favorite Nonfiction Books

This week, the prompt was a genre freebie and I decided to do something completely out of character. I’ve always been a fiction reader through and through, and only read nonfiction when I absolutely had to, like when it was assigned for classes. But last year, I decided […]

Friday Favorites – Fictional Families

This prompt is fairly open-ended, because so many books involve family. Birth family, found family, family drama, etc. The found family trope is definitely one of my favorites, so I’m going to drop some of my favorite books featuring found family: The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi Six […]

TTT – Favorite Book Settings

There are so many great book settings to choose from, and some of the settings I like depend on the genre. However, there are some settings in which books take place that I always love. These include: Bookstores. Come on, who doesn’t like a story that takes place […]