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Monthly Wrap Up October 2021

October felt like it was a super long month for some reason, and it was a busy one for me. I got a ton of reading done, and made time to watch Hocus Pocus (as I do every year). In addition, I finally decided to see what You […]

The Good Reading Habits Tag

I’m always ready for a book tag, and Sara at Millennial Book Reviews was kind enough to tag me in this one. Thanks Sara! Rules: Link to the original post. List some of your good reading habits, the things you think you do well. Nominate some of your […]

Reading Habits Book Tag

I love doing book tags, and I searched the internet until I found this fun one about reading habits. Today’s post was found on Jenniely’s blog, and was originally created by TheBookJazz. 1. Do you have a certain place at home for reading? I tend to read in […]