Fae Friday

Fae Friday – Do Books Change Our Lives?

Fae Friday is an awesome new weekly post created by Kristy at Caffeinated Fae. I’m super excited to participate in this (and to have been an avid supporter of it from the beginning)! A topic is provided each week, and Kristy is so welcoming to ideas from others. If you have any ideas for topics, reach out to her through her blog or on Twitter (@caffeinatedfae).

Here’s the rules:

  • Link back to this page on Caffeinated Fae.
  • If the prompt idea comes from another blog, link to that blog as well.
  • Use #FaeFriday when posting to social media so we can all find each other!
  • Participate when you can and have fun with the prompt!

Another week has passed, and it’s time to dust a bit of magic around and answer the prompt: Has a book ever changed your life? If so, how. 

The answer to this one was easy for me.

Books have changed my life in so many ways. I’ve learned a lot of information from non-fiction books and even taught myself some skills using those books (like crocheting). Non-fiction has also challenged me to think in different ways and a new way to view the world.

Fiction has given me a healthy outlet for stress relief and a way to experience other cultures from a perspective that I might not normally. I feel like I’ve been all around the world, visited other universes, and traveled all throughout history and the future, without having to spend more money than the cost of gas to visit my local library. That’s quite an accomplishment, that can only be found in books.

Credit: Quotefancy.com

Have books changed your life? If so, how?

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  1. I completely agree with you! Books are so magical and they change us even when we don’t even realize it! I am so glad and happy to be a book lover and learn so much from all these stories!

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  2. Absolutely agree with what you’ve written! I don’t read a lot of non-fiction but even the fiction that I read has taught me a lot about the world, myself, and others. I think that’s definitely the power of stories and I cannot imagine a life without books. That would be no life at all! 😂 Also, that quote is one of my all-time favourites! Great post, Leah 😊

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    • Thanks Dini! I don’t remember a lot of book quotes, but that one has always stuck with me. And I don’t read much mon-fiction either, but even fiction has the power to teach so much! 💕 Life without books would be so boring!


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