Monthly Wrap Up

Monthly Wrap Up November 2022

November went by really quickly, but the highlight was definitely getting together with my family and having a great meal and an even better time with the people I really care about last week. I’ve got a lot of things to be grateful for, and it was nice to keep that front and center. As the holiday season rolls in, I’ve already gotten most of my Chanukah shopping done, so that’s a lot of stress off my shoulders, and now I can just wrap gifts in a leisurely manner. Ahh, just kidding. I’m obviously going to wait until the night before the family gets together and rush around like a maniac trying to get everything done at the last minute, like I do every year. It’s been cold, rainy, and super windy here, which is perfect weather to curl up under my new, super-soft and fuzzy blanket and read. Here’s some of my November highlights:

  • I’m making good progress on my physical ARCs, and I’m absolutely loving the series I’m currently reading.
  • I read a whopping 6 nonfiction books this month, and tried to focus more attention to Indigenous authors and topics in honor of Native American Heritage Month.
  • My ongoing efforts to incorporate diverse voices led me to read books written by and about Black, Indigenous, Jewish, LGBTQIA+, disabled/neurodivergent, Muslim, Asian, and SWANA people.
  • As far as ARCs, I’m still doing well, although it feels like my NetGalley progress is further along than my physical ARCs, but I’m planning to devote more attention to that.
  • Finally, I participated in the 12 in 12 challenge, where I had 12 people recommend 12 books for me to read this year. So far, I’ve read 10 of them, so I think I have to get a move on to finish this by the end of the year.

Here’s my breakdown of monthly/cumulative totals for November:

November Totals:

  • Books read: 38
  • Books DNF’d: 0
  • Pages read: 8,036
  • Hours listened: 7 days, 8 hours, 50 minutes
  • Average pages: 382.7
  • Average hours listened: 10 hours, 24 minutes

Cumulative Averages:

  • Days per book: 2.64
  • Pages read per day: 130.52
  • Books read per month: 41.64
  • DNF’d books per month: 0.64

Genres Read in November:

  • Fantasy: 12
  • General Fiction: 2
  • Historical Fiction: 3
  • History/War: 2
  • Horror: 2
  • Humor: 1
  • Mystery/Suspense: 8
  • Romance/Erotica: 4
  • Sci-Fi: 1
  • Science/Nature: 1
  • Travel/Food: 1
  • True Crime: 1

Backlist vs. New Releases:

  • Backlist books: 17
  • 2022 releases: 15
  • 2023 releases: 6

Fiction Vs. Nonfiction:

  • Fiction: 32
  • Nonfiction: 6

Format Read:

  • Print: 8
  • Digital: 13
  • Audio: 17

Age Range:

  • Adult: 24
  • YA: 13
  • MG: 1

My favorite books of the month were The Golden Enclaves by Naomi Novik and The Rage of Dragons by Evan Winter.

Here’s what I read in November:

  • Kingdom of the Wicked by Kerri Maniscalco (Kingdom of the Wicked #1) — reread
  • Kingdom of the Cursed by Kerri Maniscalco (Kingdom of the Wicked #2) — reread

How was your November? Did anything exciting happen?

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  1. November- the most exciting thing that happened was Hadestown

    What was nice about November was finishing a book, unlike October where I didn’t finish anything- I started Addie LaRue near the end of September and took till sometime in November to finish it

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  2. Wow! You read more books in November than I have all year! Ha ha ha.

    I really love how you’ve organised this post. I LOVE statistics and breakdowns like this, you’ve done really well!

    There’s quite a lot of attractive covers here. I need to open the post on my laptop and start saving more books 🥲 xx

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    • Haha, yeah, I get that a lot. Since I read so much, I create a word document and track all of my books each month by star breakdown as I go, so that it isn’t so overwhelming at the end of the month.

      I’m glad to hear that some of these books appeal to you! I hope you give some of them a read, and feel free to backlink so I can pop over and see what you think of them!


  3. What a great variety you read! I love finding blogs that don’t focus on one genre so thanks for all the awesome recommendations! My November was pretty bleak when it comes to reading… My book club tackled one book (eeek!) but it was a good one! It’s called the “The Placeholder” by Lynda Wolters (
    I don’t want to call it a romance book because it really has so much more to it. Let’s say it’s a refreshing take on modern romance? The main character, Sera, has gone through a nasty divorce in her 40s and unfortunately, does not have much luck in the dating world either. Luckily, she has a true-blue friend Carolyn who suggests having a “placeholder” – someone fun she can hook up with until Mr. Right comes along. I am sure you can guess it gets complicated as soon as handsome Zac comes into the picture. Although the book may seem like a light-hearted romp there is a big twist that will take your breath away. The book made me laugh, cry, and I have already bought it for a few friends for Christmas. There are so many “Awww moments” throughout. I hope you will check it out. Happy Reading!

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