Fae Friday – Mischievous

Here’s the rules: This week on Fae Friday, we’re talking about being playfully mischievous! Fairies are mischievous and playful creatures, and with April Fools Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to talk about this week’s prompt: What mischievous character has a special place in your […]

The Good Reading Habits Tag

I’m always ready for a book tag, and Sara at Millennial Book Reviews was kind enough to tag me in this one. Thanks Sara! Rules: Link to the original post. List some of your good reading habits, the things you think you do well. Nominate some of your […]


Finale by Stephanie Garber is the last book in the Caraval trilogy, and each book has only gotten better. If you haven’t read Caraval and Legendary, this review will include spoilers for those books, so you may want to skip this review until you have read those books. […]

Fae Friday – Sparkles

Here’s the rules: This week on Fae Friday, we’re talking about Sparkles. Faeries are associated continuously with sparkles. So this week’s prompt is: What is a book cover that was so beautiful you couldn’t stop staring at it? I’ve come across a bunch of really beautiful book covers, […]

The Lost Legends

The Lost Legends is the debut book from Cait Marie, and it exceeded the hype! TRIGGER WARNING: off-page death of a parent, murder, a plague A plague. A prophecy. A centuries-long curse. All her life, Princess Adalina heard tales of the legendary, immortal warriors known as the Nihryst. […]

Fae Friday – Leprechauns

Here’s the rules: This week’s Fae Friday topic is one that I came up with in honor of St. Patrick’s day, and I’m pretty proud of myself about it! Did you know that leprechauns are viewed as a type of faerie? I’m sure you know that leprechauns are […]

February 2020 Monthly Wrap Up

For such a short month, February was productive. I participated in the Hogwarts Cup Readathon, which was a great motivator. It was actually my first readathon, and it helped me read more. If you haven’t participated in a readathon, I strongly suggest it! I haven’t gotten a chance […]