Georgia Bureau of Investigations Special Agent Will Trent is back in this action-packed short story. This time he’s undercover as a bad-boy ex-con biker who happens to be waiting for a frozen Coke Icee from a temperamental machine at a convenience store in rural Georgia en route to […]

The Bluest Eye

After reading this, I learned that this was Toni Morrison’s first book, and was even more blown away, if that was even possible. I recall reading Beloved in high school, and I’m aware that Toni Morrison does not shy away from talking about the ugly side of human […]

Dragma’s Keep

I received this book from Book Tasters in return for an honest review. Dragma’s Keep is a fantasy novel that was inspired by the author’s experiences playing Dungeons and Dragons. My experience with Dungeons and Dragons is limited to an episode I saw once of iZombie, so this […]

The Night Olivia Fell

I was originally excited to read this, but by the third chapter, my excitement had completely dissipated. It felt like it was awkwardly straddling young adult, poorly written mystery, and romance novel. However, it didn’t do any of those genres justice. Some of the imagery was just sad. […]


I was hooked from the first chapter. Karin Slaughter has an uncanny ability to weave multiple storylines into plot without me even fully realizing what’s happening until it’s happening. In this book, a young woman is rushed to the hospital after being found hit by a car, and […]