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TTT – Colorful Book Covers

This week’s topic is “colorful book covers,” and I’ve never really thought about how few books I’ve read that have colorful covers. The majority of the books that I read feature covers with muted colors or schemes with shades of one or two colors. After looking through the […]

Fae Friday – Sparkles

Here’s the rules: This week on Fae Friday, we’re talking about Sparkles. Faeries are associated continuously with sparkles. So this week’s prompt is: What is a book cover that was so beautiful you couldn’t stop staring at it? I’ve come across a bunch of really beautiful book covers, […]

TTT Book Covers

Today’s post is a freebie about book covers, so I chose to pick the ten most intriguing book covers (in no particular order). I’ll tell you a little about why I find them so fascinating, and I hope to hear a little about what your favorite book covers […]