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TTT Single Word Titles

Top Ten Tuesday is turning 10! So today’s prompt is revisiting a previous TTT topic that I haven’t done already. So, I’m doing a list of books with single word titles. Specifically books that I really liked with single word titles. 1. Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams2. Scythe by […]

TTT Summer 2020 TBR

Today’s topic is books that are on my summer 2020 TBR. I used to write up a TBR list each month. I’ve stopped doing that in the last month, especially now that I got through a huge chunk of my ARCs and other review books. So I’ve kind […]


This week’s prompt is supposed to be books that give off summer vibes, but I’m just not feeling that topic. Mainly because summer is my least favorite season, but also because we have some other, more pressing issues. Instead, I’d rather highlight Pride month, and talk about ten […]

TTT Books I Abandoned

This week’s topic is the last 10 books I abandoned, and the idea came from Claire @ Book Lovers Pizza. When I abandon a book, it’s either because I’ve started reading it and just didn’t finish, or decided to take it off my TBR for some reason. So […]

TTT Books On My TBR

The original topic for today is supposed to be ten things I’d have at a bookish party, but I decided to go in a different direction since I’m not generally a huge fan of parties. Instead, I’m choosing to write about ten books on my TBR for the […]